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Keep your car clean and your finish pristine, with EZ Wash Autospa's Self Serve Car Wash. We currently offer 6 self serve washing bays and 9 vacuums.

Regularly washing your car has proven to be the best defense in extending the life of your vehicle's appearance!
EZ Wash Autospa Self Serve Wash
  • Instructions:  Deposit any combination of Dollar Coins, Quarters or Tokens in any combination for $4.00 for 5.00 minutes. If you want more time, insert more coins before time expires. Warning buzzer indicates low time.
  • Tire & Wheel Cleaner: Apply to all wheels & clean with high pressure rinse.
  • Pre-Soak: Apply to entire car starting from the bottom. Includes bug remover and glass cleaner additives.
  • Foam Brush: Wash brush prior to using, rinse using high pressure.
  • High Pressure Wax: Apply to entire car finishing with final rinse. The wax provides instant water beading & a faster dry time.
  • Triple Foam Conditioner/Spot Free Rinse
  • $4 for 5 minutes if paying cash, $5 for 6 minutes 20 seconds if paying credit card.
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EZ Washs Autospa: 6 Self Serve Car Wash Bays!