EZ Wash

We are the largest Self Serve Car Wash in the area with a full 8 bays, 3 Touchless automatics and 5 self serve bays. We also have 9 vacuums, 1 shampooer and 2 Air Shamee's in Bay 5 and Bay 6 to dry your car or motorcycle.

Our equipment has been upgraded starting with our Touchless Automatics. Our new Automatics have the latest and best technology in the industry with the best cleaning power available, while using less power and water. We also have dryers! We are open 24 hours a day 7 days a week for your convenience. Fleet accounts will also be welcome. We also offer special Fleet Discounts now! 

350 S. West End Blvd. • Quakertown, PA 18951 • P: 215.536.9433


EZ Wash Customer Service CardEZ Wash
We now offer CUSTOMER VALUE CARDS for purchase! Better value than cash & can be recharged at any time. Makes a great gift! 


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We Accept Dollars, Tokens, Bills, Quarters, Major Credit Cards and Our Customer Value Card

Our changers sell tokens by credit card only that can be used anywhere at the wash, vacuums, vending, self serve bays and touchless automatics  Our changers will exchange bills for dollar coins that will also be accepted at our vacuums, vending , self serve bays and touchless automatics and all our equipment will accept quarters  

Why Tokens?

Because, you get MORE for your money!

      • Buy $ 20.00 in Tokens get $ 5.00 FREE BEST DEAL!
      • Buy $ 10.00 in Tokens get $ 2.00 FREE
      • Buy $5.00 in Tokens get $1.00 FREE