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“Keeping your vehicle clean by frequenting a professional car wash every 10 days is one of the best defenses in protecting its finish. Professional car washes are gentler to auto finishes than the hose-and_bucket method, and cleaning solutions used are specially formulated for clearcoat and other new car finishes. "
-- Mark Thorsby, ICA executive director

Basic car care wash tips:

  • Wash your car every 10 days, and especially after it rains or snows.
  • Use an underbody wash during severe weather conditions.
  • Using an exterior protectant for paint, molding, rubber and glass, with a superior surface shine like Durashield Protectant with Body Armor.
  • Triple Foam is a surface cleaner and conditioner to bring out the luster and shine.
  • Clearcoat is a short term protectant


EZ Wash Autospa Self Serve Wash
  • How To Maintain Auto Value: The fall and winter weather can wreak havoc on your vehicle’s exterior with heat, rain, mud, snow, sleet, and salt breaking down it delicate finish. The International Carwash Association (ICA) offers several tips to protect and maintain your vehicle’s finish all year round.
  • Rainfall: One of the most critical times to wash your vehicle is immediately after a rainfall. Even after the lightest rain shower, the water evaporates, but the acid remains on the vehicle’s finish. Acid rain is caused when high concentrations of emissions from fossil-fuel burning engines or plants react with your car’s paint to form sulfuric acid and nitric acids. Although you cannot prevent acid rain, you can keep it from ruining your vehicle’s finish by removing it at a professional car wash.
  • Snow & Sleet: Snow and sleet can result in the same damaging effects as acid rain and are often compounded by chemicals in road salt. To prevent this damage, washing your vehicle during the winter is highly recommended.
  • Extreme Heat: Extreme heat temperature accelerates problems. The acids in bugs, bird dropings, tree sap, and leaves become more active through heat. Metal retains this heat and increases the chances of permanent stains. Immediately washing your vehicle is recommended.
  • Mud & Dirt: Mud and dirt causes a constant problem for vehicle finishes. Unfortunately, the importance of cleaning mud and dirt form the undercarriage is often overlooked by motorists. Undercarriage treatment removes caked-on mud and dirt that holds moisture to metal and causes rust and body rot.

    A professional car wash can help protect your vehicle from the harsh elements of the fall, winter and summer weather. When you follow this basic car care tips, you’ll extend the life of your vehicle’s appearance, and feel great driving a clean car.